Editorial Compo Arredo 2017: Gap Italia presents three absolute novelties

Gap Italia presents three novelties for every need in terms of mechanics and aesthetics, in a single opening system.

The new Pajero 2016 door opening system (patent pending), was designed to satisfy every type of requirement and request from customers in a single ultra-versatile and economical solution. Pajero adapts to as many as 14 solutions, including systems with traction carriages or trolleys with wheels, front or overhead rails, lower or hidden rails, 21 or 25mm doors, 2 or 3-wing systems, etc. It also provides, through special optional clips, the assembly of the carriages on the doors with complete assembly, in order to further simplify the installation procedure. the advantage of the two door thicknesses ideal for economic production and for top quality production with the use of the same system. In addition, Pajero 2016 includes fixed or amortized stops, on request, for both opening and closing, and is designed for the use of new generation Gap Italy magnetic decelerators. It does not require special processes, so once the system is defined, it is ideal for customers who want to stock in the warehouse. Ultra-versatile, incredibly powerful, simple, designed to cover every mechanical and aesthetic requirement in a single opening system from the unbeatable price ratio.

Gap Italia then presented Neomag (patent pending), the new generation magnetic decelerator.

The result of research and refinement of both performance and price, Gap Italia has created a virtually perfect decelerator, capable of operating without the typical wear of the spring or of the amortization system, and without the probable break of the activation hook of the shock absorber after long use. In fact, Neomag does not require any maintenance or replacement over time, guaranteeing both perfect amortization of the door when closing and gentle opening, even in the case of particularly heavy doors. It does not use springs or activation hooks, the two points in which Gap Italia has focused attention and the study to achieve an effective and perfect shock absorber, studying a convenient design also from the point of view of the price that allows its use on large scale without affecting costs but ensuring a quality that is proposed to the state of the art.

Often the strength of a solid project is based on the ability to continuously innovate it, to the point of touching new technological and ergonomic boundaries.

This is Cayenne Evo Large (patent pending), the Gap Italia coplanar for large, 2 or 3-door wardrobes, or a non-custom modular system.

The areas of intervention compared to the previous model have produced improvements in every area, from the compact design to the load capacity of the doors, from the opening dynamics to the sliding and opening of the door. Cayenne Evo Large is easy to install and adjust, it is available for doors from 18 to 45mm, width from 800 to 1800mm (systems with 3 doors minimum width 2400mm) and with weight up to 85Kg per leaf. It is also designed for the use of the new generation Neomag magnetic decelerator, which makes it a perfect coplanar system. Cayenne Evo Large 2016, patent pending by Gap Italia.

Finally, the new release of Cayenne Large (patent pending) for cabinets with 2 or 3 doors allowed the launch of a new collection …

Cayenne Evo Medium (patent pending), or non-custom modular system, specially designed for coplanar base units or wall units.

The smoothness of the Gap Italia coplanar is now also available for office or living home solutions, Cayenne Evo Mediiim is available for doors: from 18 to 45mm with external fixing adjusters to the door, or up to 45mm with upper regulators embedded in the door. It is also designed for the use of the new generation Neomag magnetic decelerator, which makes it a perfect coplanar system.