Infinity, “All-in-one” system for sliding cabinet doors

The convenience of an integrated door opening system

Infinity is an opening system for traditional (overlapping) “All-in-one” sliding doors. Complete with anti-roughing mechanism and activators for Anta Far or Feo shock absorbers (available for fixed systems in order phase) it supports 2 or 3-door cabinets of all sizes and weights. Infinity is a very reliable and robust system, tested by years of commercialization and refined over time thanks to our feedback program with the requests and opinions of use of our customers.

Infinity with decelerating Far or Feo represents the solution that satisfies quality and price: A top quality system that also allows a saving of purchase.

The system can be mounted sliding doors with thickness up to 50 mm and maximum weight up to 100 kg. The new Far or Feo shock absorbers are the most advanced step in the Gap Italia design and damping technology, with a reinforced structure and a new spring load hook. Infinity is interchangeable and compatible whit INDA.

Discover Infinity in the video!