Kursal, sliding for external or contained doors.

For cabinets with small doors and weight up to 40kg.

Kursal is the universal sliding door system, for external doors or contained in the structure, traditional or cushioned. Kursal does not require the shaping of the doors: only the recessed of the fixed trolley or with damper. In Kursal each door uses its own track and the wheelbase varies relative to the leaf thickness. The weight is then discharged on the bottom track guaranteeing maximum smoothness.

Kursal uses a braking system compatible with rails and trolleys both cushioned and fixed.

Kursal is the excellence of modularity, with only one system are achievable cabinets with doors contained in the structure both single and double door, traditional cabinets with external doors, fixed opening systems or suspension and possibility of compositions Overlapping vertical multiple. The modularity of Kursal also allows the management of a single warehouse to satisfy any kind of request. Kursal is made from zamak iron or plastic.

Discover Kursal in the video!