Pajero, the most sold slide in the world

Pajero is versatile: it allows virtually every solution!

Pajero is the sliding system with overlapping doors for cabinets and cabinets best sold in the world.

Robust, economical and above all versatile: it allows the realization of any type of 2 or 3 ante cupunits, with front rails or above sky.

Many combinations available (over-sky track, hidden, trolleys with wheel, dragging, clip, etc) simplicity of assembly, which translates into speed, and economical price.

New patented decelerating system PJ19 and PJ60

This soft closings have been studied to improve the stability and delete all the possibilities of torsion and deformation, even after hundreds of thousands of openings comfortly use and effectiveness both in opening and closing, result of years of experience, research and evolution. The next system has stronger damper to improve their performance

Absolute novelty the option to fasten the lower trolleys on pre-mounted clips (patent pending) and even 14 mounting combinations.

Discover Pajero in the video!