Usual, the freedom of sliding do-it-yourself cabinets

The choice between fixed and amortized: at the last moment!

Usual is the “do-it-yourself” system for sliding doors with 2 or 3 doors, both traditional and cushioned. Simple to assemble, Usual is the freedom of choice between amortized or fixed … at the last minute, allowing you to meet every customer requirement and maximize warehouse costs: only one system covers all needs in terms of mobile doors. The customer can decide at the last minute whether to mount the activator on the right or on the left, effectively making the system amortized or fixed in closing and release.

Usual is compatible and interchangeable with Inda and Infinity rails and accessories, allowing to reduce warehouse costs with a modular solution.

Usual is modular, differentiated according to weight (up to 100Kg) and leaf thickness (up to 50mm) and guarantees very light sliding doors. It is the perfect Top Quality but economic solution. The aluminum carriages are fitted as standard with a reinforced wheel, which guarantees smooth sliding of the doors over time, even for particularly heavy systems.

Discover Usual in the video!